Prenatal/Postnatal Home Visitation Programs

Prenatal/Postnatal Home Visitation Programs


The medical center provides health services for pregnant and postpartum mothers in the Pacoima and Panorama City area. Services include prenatal/postnatal home visitation programs for women delivering at this hospital, through the Welcome Baby Program. Services are restricted to the Best Start Pacoima and Panorama city communities.

Visiting nurses provide information and support during pregnancy through the baby's first nine months. Services include an in-hospital visit, a personal parent coach, and an in-home appointment within the first few days after delivery. Baby items such as thermometers, nursing pillows, toys and baby-proofing supplies may also be available. Nurses will provide referrals for additional services as needed. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in to the hospital to apply. Visit the program's website at for more information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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18300 Roscoe Blvd.

Northridge , CA 91328 (Physical)

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(818) 885-5334 (Outpatient Rehabilitation) (818) 908-8632 (Center for Assault Treatment Services) (818) 885-8500 ext 5351 (Bereavement Program - Hospital Chaplain) (818) 885-3575 (Welcome Baby) (818) 885-8500 ext 2961 (Volunteer Opportunities)

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(818) 908-8677 (Physician Referral)

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(818) 885-8500

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