Psychiatric Case Management

Psychiatric Case Management ( SSI Recipients, Asian Community )


The center provides a variety of mental health services for people of all ages who have an Asian/Pacific ethnic background, especially those who are monolingual in an Asian/Pacific language. It serves people from all areas of Los Angeles County who are monolingual in an Asian/Pacific or Spanish language, or people who are bilingual in English and an Asian/Pacific language or Spanish. By the mandate of Los Angeles County, the target population is the chronically and severely mentally ill. Adults of Indo-Chinese backgrounds who primarily speak Laotian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Thai are seen at the agency's Indo-Chinese Counseling and Treatment Clinic, a branch location of the main office's services for adults. Services include adolescent/youth counseling, behavior modification, crisis intervention, cultural transition counseling, developmental assessment, general counseling services, family counseling, general mental health information/education, mental health evaluation, psychiatric case management, psychiatric day treatment, psychiatric disorder counseling, psychiatric medication monitoring, psychiatric resocialization and vocational rehabilitation. Special programs serve youth age 18 and younger. There are no geographic restrictions.

The center does not have a psychiatric emergency team and refers severely disturbed or violent people who are in need of restraint or hospitalization to Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center. People whose primary problem is alcohol or drug abuse are referred to substance abuse programs.

Medi-Cal eligible youth, 1 to 18 years of age, may receive developmental assessment services and behavior modification therapy through the CHDP program.

General counseling services include an evaluation; individual, group, conjoint, and family therapy; and medication monitoring as needed. The center also offers support groups for parents of the clinics' clients. The focus of continuing care and case management for the chronic mentally ill is to make a positive transition from a psychiatric setting back to the community and to avoid re-hospitalization.

Special programs for youth include family counseling, crisis intervention, and general individual counseling.

The continuing care/case management services are provided for SSI-eligible people of all ages who are of Asian/Pacific heritage who have been discharged from state, county, and county contract psychiatric hospitals who need assistance to make a positive transition back to the community and to avoid re-hospitalization. These services are integrated into the ongoing treatment plan for the client and are not considered separate components. Services are primarily provided for monolingual Asian/Pacific Islanders throughout Los Angeles County and for bilingual Asian/Pacific Islanders who live in the Central Los Angeles area.

In addition to direct treatment services the center provides educational programs for various Asian/Pacific groups in the community; the focus is on mental health problems and available treatment which is culturally sensitive. The programs can be presented in all of the Asian/Pacific languages noted. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information or to apply. Clients are seen by appointment; people who walk in without an appointment are seen if time allows. People may apply through the main phone number above for all agency services. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The program only accepts Medi-Cal.
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Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm; some evening counseling appointments are available.


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