Psychiatric Disorder Counseling

Psychiatric Disorder Counseling ( Youth, Eating Disorders )


The hospital's division of psychiatry provides mental health services for children and youth to age 18. Services include clinical psychiatric evaluation for hospitalized children with a variety of mental, emotional and psychosomatic or physical brain disorders.

Outpatient psychiatric day treatment services are also available for evaluation and treatment of psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, eating disorders, somatoform (psychosomatic and body image disorders) and post traumatic stress disorders. There are no geographic restrictions.

The Child and Family Program make use of evidence-based therapies such as the Incredible Years and PCIT (Parent Child Interactive Therapy).

Medi-Cal eligible youth, 1 - 18 years of age, may receive developmental assessment services and behavior modification therapy through the CHDP program.

The Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Service team is comprised of pediatric psychiatrists who work with hospitalized children and youth, but also do evaluation and psychiatric disorder counseling for children and adolescents on an outpatient basis. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in for service or information. Referrals from a personal physician are preferred, however the hospital's Physician Referral line can assist with application. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees depending on the service and are based on ability to pay. CCS, Medi-Cal, Medicare and private insurance are accepted; CHAMPUS is accepted with a military ID card and a letter of non-availability of services through a military facility.
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Los Angeles , CA 90027 (Physical)

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Service hours
Administrative hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm; services are provided Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day.


(323) 660-2450 (Main Hospital) (323) 361-2153 (Adolescent Medicine - Teen Health Clinic) (323) 361-4660 (Teen Impact (Cancer and Blood Disease Program)) (323) 361-2130 (Dental Care - Pediatric) (877) 462-2582 (AltaMed Health Services) (323) 361-4720 (Child Car Seat Safety Program) (323) 361-7698 (Family Resource Center - Parent University)

Service/Intake and Administration

(323) 361-2485 (Social Work)

Service/Intake and Hotline

(323) 361-2311 (Diabetes Hotline)


(323) 361-6102 (Developmental - Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic - Autism Warmline)


(323) 617-5658 (For Family Doctors to Refer to the EMPOWER Weight Management Clinic)

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