Psychiatric Emergency Room Care

Psychiatric Emergency Room Care


The facility provides hospital services for people of all ages in Los Angeles. Services include emergency room care, dental services, general medical care, psychiatric services, psychiatric emergency room, and transfer to long term rehabilitation after acute treatment, new applications for the County Healthy Way LA program, and social work services. Case/care management is also available for eligible pregnant women through the Mama's Neighborhood Program. The hospital is a designated Level I Trauma Centers. There are no geographic restrictions.

The specialty services available in the acute unit include burns, dental care, dermatology, detoxification (alcohol and drugs), diabetes, ENT, endocrinology, epidemiology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, a jail ward, neurology, ophthalmology (including eye exams for corrective lenses), orthopedics, plastic/reconstructive surgery, podiatry, psychosomatics, a pulmonary disease service, radiology, rehabilitative medicine, renal service (including renal chronic dialysis and renal home dialysis), respiratory therapy, rheumatology, a tumor registry and urology; follow up care is available through the ambulatory care clinic.

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) are provided to patients of all ages 24 hours per-day. Voluntary and involuntary psychiatric patients from the community are evaluated for medical needs, provided emergency treatment, and are hospitalized or referred to appropriate services in the community. Patients are brought in by family, friends, police, probation officers, mobile emergency assessment teams and by ambulance from a number of community agencies or community hospitals.

Specialized inpatient and ambulatory care services and programs include pediatric health care services, health care services designed for women, and a nurse-midwifery program which is coordinated with the University of Southern California.

The hospital also administers the Breathmobile program, which provides mobile health care for low-income youth, from pre-school age through teenage, for the treatment of asthma. Children are usually referred by their school nurse to the program, however, pre-school and out-of-school youth may also use the service. The program targets high-risk areas and low-income families. The Breathmobile facility travels to contracting schools and several county medical centers on a regular schedule. It is equipped to provide breathing treatments, medication, and counseling to asthmatic children. Callers to the Breathmobile office are given a referral to the closest school or facility which is scheduled for services.

Dental services are provided for hospital patients and for people who are HIV, who have AIDS, or who are homeless. General dental services include examinations, extractions, and x-rays.

The medical center participates in the Mama's Neighborhood Strong Start for Families Program for pregnant women who are at high risk for having a preterm birth. Throughout the pregnancy and for up to 10 weeks postpartum, care coordinators help women manage medical appointments and link women with community agencies for additional supportive services. To be eligible, a woman must enroll as a prenatal patient with LA County Department of Health Services (DHS).

Social work services for hospital patients include counseling, crisis intervention, needs assessment, information and referral, discharge planning, financial counseling, aftercare counseling, and resource coordination and placement. LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH The hospital maintains a translator list and can accommodate people who speak most languages. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply or walk in for emergency service. All clinic appointments must be made in person; no appointments are available by telephone. For information about special programs and services, see the separate program entries. Call the Breathmobile office to schedule a treatment. Call the designated number to enroll in Healthy Way LA for the first time.

Call the designated line or walk in for information or to apply for the Mama's Neighborhood program.

Walk in for dental services. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees are on an ability to pay basis; Medi-Cal, Medicare and private insurance are accepted. Dental fees are $60 to 100 per visit for people who do not have Medi-Cal or GR. There are no fees to participate in the Mama's Neighborhood Program.

Los Angeles County residents may apply for low-cost or no-cost care through an Ability to Pay or Pre-Payment program; eligibility is based on income.

Eligible non-Los Angeles County residents who do not have insurance, are not eligible for Medi-Cal, and whose income is at or below 350% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may apply for a Discount Payment Program.
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Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm.


(323) 409-5013 (Dental Clinic) (323) 409-1000 (Main Hospital Line) (323) 409-3753 (Urgent Care)

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