Psychiatric Resocialization

Psychiatric Resocialization


The agency provides mental health services for adults, ages 25 to 59, who suffer from mental illness. Services include mental health drop in centers, mental health related support groups, prejob guidance, psychiatric case management, psychiatric medication monitoring, psychiatric resocialization, specialized information and referral, supported employment and vocational rehabilitation. Agency programs are targeted to individuals who suffer from major depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenic disorders. Geographic restrictions apply for some services.

AB 2034, funded by the Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63), provides intensive case management for homeless, mentally ill adults with a history of incarcerations, multiple hospitalizations or underutilization of mental health services. Individuals are referred through family and community agencies as well as street outreach. Engagement through street outreach encourages homeless mentally ill adults to participate and accept supportive services, including medications, housing and employment.

The agency provides an MHSA funded Client-Run Center (CRC) where support services are provided by peers who are themselves mental health consumers. Support includes peer to peer groups; social recreational programs and activities; referrals for community services, health and mental health resources.

The FSP-TAY (Full Service Partnership - Transitional Age Youth) program provides comprehensive case management and psychiatric medication monitoring intended to reduce the need for psychiatric hospitalization. Individuals must be referred by the Department of Mental Health, have been hospitalized six times in the prior 12 months and live in Santa Monica.

Daniel's Place assists young people age 18 to 28 and their families who are experiencing their first episodes of mental illness. The agency provides information and education services, support groups, case management services, medication monitoring and employment assistance. The agency encourages and helps with peer counseling and independent living skills, social connectedness, making sense of the mental health treatment system, and setting and reaching goals. Individuals enrolled in Daniel's Place may access all services provided by the agency through sister programs. These services include meals, showers, mailboxes, clothing, and money management.

The Fresh Start Program offers vocational training, supported direct employment and job placement. The agency operates a convenience store located in downtown Santa Monica called Fresh Start. Individuals are trained in cashiering and kitchen support positions.

The goal of the structured day programs is to assist people who are dealing with mental illness to rebuild and/or develop social and vocational skills. The programs offer a wide variety of classes and workshops which focus on topics like physical health awareness, development of relationships, medication management, SSI benefits, vocational issues, overcoming loneliness, homelessness issues, assertiveness training, personal grooming, cooking, weight control, exercise, music, typing, drama, art, crafts and creative writing. Approximately 100 people participate in the program daily. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in for an interview. If the extent of the individual's mental illness is unclear, the agency provides a psychiatric evaluation. People are admitted to the program based on the assessment results. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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