Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing


The agency provides mental health services for adults, adolescents, and children who live in Los Angeles County. Services include adoption and foster/kinship care support groups, individual counseling, intensive family reunification services and psychological testing. Services are targeted to victims of crime, and families of victims of crime. There are no geographic restrictions.

Counseling services include crisis intervention, and short-term and long-term therapy. Possible issues to be addressed are: fear, depression, flash backs, sleep problems, appetite or eating disorders, difficulty with school or work problems, coping with ordinary life, disturbing thoughts or feelings, and a return to an effective level of functioning.

The agency also provides psychological testing services for a wide range of psychological disorders and learning disabilities. Testing is provided for children from age 2 to 18, and for older adults, age 65 and over. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply and for service. An appointment is required. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees are $50 per session. The agency accepts private insurance, Medicare, and Victims of Crime. The agency does not accept MediCal.
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18546 Sherman Way, Ste. 202

Reseda , CA 91335 (Physical)

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Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.


(818) 342-5843

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(818) 342-5868

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