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Public Awareness/Education ( Law Enforcement Personnel, Hate Crimes/Hate Incident Issues )


The program provides advocacy for people in Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties in cases of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. Services include bullying prevention, constitutional/civil rights groups, discrimination assistance, ethnic advocacy groups, hate crimes prevention, public awareness/education regarding civil rights issues, hate crime issues, and research targeted to civil rights issues. Geographic restrictions may apply.

The league provides counseling and assistance in cases of discrimination. It does not provide legal representation.

The league also conducts research and provides public education and awareness to prevent bullying, discrimination, hate crimes and terrorism through legislative advocacy, publications, workshops and speakers. The agency promotes religious freedom through advocacy of the separation of church and state and also monitors and records the activities of hate-promoting organizations throughout the United States.

The 50 States Against Hate campaign led by the league offer hate crimes expertise, security recommendations and educational resources, at no charge, to victims, law enforcement and the public in the aftermath of hate crimes and hate incidents. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for assistance. There are no walk-in services. Information is available at the agency's website. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most services. Fees vary for workshops.
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