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Public Awareness/Education ( Females, Legal Issues )


The center provides advocacy for women's and girls civil rights in California. It conducts civil projects and provides advocacy, education, legal brief information services, technical assistance and training for direct service providers. The center does not provide direct services to women and girls. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency provides telephone consultations with technical assistance to legal service providers, pro bono attorneys, community organizations regarding legal needs of women and girls. Information is provided on women's issues, including information on current laws and strategies concerning women's rights. The center also provides advocacy and legal assistance on specified legal issues affecting women and girls including the development of effective legal strategies, co-counseling, drafting and or participating in writing amicus briefs.

Public awareness/education is targeted to increasing awareness on the part of women with respect to their rights to benefits and awareness of issues such as sexual harassment and Military Sexual Assault.

Training is provided either by written information or oral presentations to legal service providers, women organizations, community organizations, parent groups, shelters and attorney groups.

Information is also provided on the agency's website including a breast cancer resource guide, policy briefs, fact sheets, current projects and internship opportunities.

The center's issue priorities are sex discrimination, women's health and reproductive rights, violence against women, women's economic security, race and gender and exploitation of women. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or visit the agency's website for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most services; call or visit the agency's website for information.
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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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