Public Health Advisories

Public Health Advisories ( Older Adults, Disaster/Emergency Issues )


From Administration for Community Living: With many illnesses, older adults and people with disabilities face higher risks of contracting the disease and/or experiencing complications, particularly if they also have chronic medical conditions. Consequently, there often are additional prevention and treatment recommendations for these populations.
In addition, ACL recommends that everyone follow the guidance issued by state and local health departments, and watch the CDC website for the latest national information.
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For additional information on COVID-19 & High Risk Populations please visit,

Medicare & COVID-19 Testing
While there isn't a vaccine yet, Medicare is still here to help. Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers a test to see if you have coronavirus. This test is covered when your doctor or other health care provider orders it, if you got the test on or after February 4, 2020.

You usually pay nothing for Medicare-covered clinical diagnostic laboratory tests. Note: Your provider will need to wait until after April 1, 2020 to be able to submit a claim to Medicare for this test.

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Stopping Senior Scams
Never give your Medicare number to anyone over the phone or to door-to-door solicitors offering to test for COVID-19. For additional information on healthcare fraud, please visit or call 855-613-7080.

Watch out for suspicious texts or emails about stimulus checks. You can find official IRS information on the Economic Impact Payments here APPLICATION PROCEDURE See Information Above FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Not Applicable
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