Recreation Related Expense Assistance

Recreation Related Expense Assistance ( Veterans )


The agency provides services for veterans, active military personnel, and their families in the United States and its territories. Services include military donations/relief programs and recreational activity expense assistance. There are no geographic restrictions but other restrictions may apply.

The Tickets for Troops Program provides tickets to sporting events, concerts, and other recreational activities to veterans, military personnel and their families.

The Hero's Wish Program allows service members to post specific requests for donations on the agency website which people may donate to.

The agency accepts donations and tickets for the Tickets for Troops Program. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Visit the agency's website for information or to apply for assistance. Proof of service in the form of a DD 214 is required. Individuals interested in acquiring tickets may choose to participate in a lottery monthly.

Apply online for the Hero's Wish Program. Individuals must be either 6 months prior to separation, 6 months post separation, or be the family or spouse of a loved one who was wounded or killed in combat.

Apply online to donate to either the Tickets to Troops Program or the Hero's Wish Program. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees to receive services. Donations vary depending on the wishes of the giver.
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