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Recreational Activities/Sports ( Older Adults )


The center provides a variety of services for adults 60 years and older who live in Alhambra and the surrounding areas. Services include information and referral; educational, recreational and social activities; health screenings; and advocacy and congregate meals.

The center offers information and referral to local agencies which may address senior or functionally impaired adult needs. Seasonal services such as free income tax counseling is offered, by appointment, for seniors age 60 and older. Health services include free hearing and blood pressure screening and education programs. The center also houses a congregate meal, which is provided through Intervale Senior Services (see the separate entry) for seniors age 60 and older five days per week.

Additional services which the center provides for seniors whose ability to leave home is limited include case management, telephone reassurance and an in home registry.

Recreational and social activities provide opportunities for participation in a variety of classes, clubs, recreational activities and tours.

The Supportive Services Program (SSP) provides case management services for frail elderly seniors, age 60 and older who are Alhambra residents and who are at risk of premature or unnecessary institutionalization. An individualized care plan is developed so that needed services like transportation, in-home supportive assistance and home health care can be provided. The care plan is monitored to ensure that services are being provided. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in for information. Reservations for the congregate meal should be made one day in advance; call the specified intake number. People who wish to be listed in the registry may come to the agency and complete an application; applicants are required to provide the names of three references and live scan fingerprinting. Center staff verify references and prior work experience. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most services. There are fees for outings. The suggested donation for the congregate meal is $3.00, although no one is denied service due to inability to contribute.
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210 N. Chapel Ave.

Alhambra , CA 91801 (Physical)

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111 S. 1st St.

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Service hours
Center hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm; programs vary, call for information.


(626) 570-5088 (Transportation Program Registration) (626) 570-5056 (Senior Program/Clubs/Activities) (626) 570-3220 (Case Management Program) (626) 289-7433 (Para-Transit Reservations for Registered Patrons) (626) 214-9467 (Senior Nutrition - Lunch Reservations)

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