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Recreational Activities/Sports ( Disabilities and Health Conditions, Youth )


The agency provides a variety of programs for people of all ages who have physical or developmental disabilities. Services include aquatic therapy, extended day care through an afterschool program and recreational activities/sports. The Aquatic Therapy pool is open to the general public; adults, 18 and older may apply. Age restrictions apply and vary according to the program; there are no geographic>
Direct services offered at this location also include community aquatic exercise and information about and referral to other services available through the organization's central administrative office for people who have disabilities. Volunteers are actively recruited from local colleges, the American Red Cross and private volunteer agencies. An After-School Care Program is offered for youth age 5 to 22 years. This program involves physical fitness activities, arts and crafts, ceramics, community awareness training, karate, swimming, games, sports, gardening and cooking. The center also sponsors a Recreation and Leisure Program. This program serves approximately 65 children and youth. Therapeutic aquatics include an arthritis exercise class developed by the Arthritis Foundation to decrease joint pain and increase flexibility; and an adult water exercise class which consists of cardiovascular exercise with stretching, warm up and cool-down periods. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for an intake appointment. Referrals generally come from a Regional Center or school; however, self-referred clients may also be accepted. Aquatics programs require a doctor's letter; children's programs require the child's vaccination and medical records. The intake appointment includes an interview and a tour of the facility. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees for services. Clients referred by Regional Center are paid for by the Regional Center on a client to client basis.
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