Residential Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Facilities

Residential Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Facilities ( Men, Homeless Men )


The mission provides residential treatment for substance use disorders and recovery services for homeless men in the greater Los Angeles area. Services include alcohol and drug counseling; case management; education and employment assistance. A long term transitional shelter program is also available.

The long-term alcohol and drug transitional shelter program is for men 18 years and older who wish to get off the streets, improve the quality of their lives, and are willing to work within the agency. For efficacy the duration of the recovery period should be at least 6 months.

The program does not accept men who receive GR assistance, but will refer men to the appropriate office for assistance if they are in need when they leave the program. Free room and board as well as three meals a day are provided and residents can remain in the program as long as they feel the need to stay and the agency feels that they are contributing to the program.

This program can offer housing to 280 men who are expected to work in one of the in-house work projects that the agency runs such as cleaning, loading and unloading of supplies, security work, and kitchen duty. The purpose of the program is to prepare men for independent living. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Men may walk in to apply. ID and proof of income (if any) is required. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
Application Procedure
Service Condition Fee


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ID Required


Proof of Income



601 S. San Pedro St.

Los Angeles , CA 90014 (Physical)

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Service hours
24 hours per day, seven days per week


(888) 624-9258


(213) 553-2359

Service/Intake and Administration

(213) 624-9258

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