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DPSS offices are open for in person services. Program information and application are also available via Customer Service Centers at 866-613-3777 and/or its website.

The agency provides General Relief services to indigent adults and certain sponsored legal immigrant families who are ineligible for federal or State programs. Services include general relief appeals/complaints, general relief applications, and return to point of origin services through the Return to Residence Program. There are no geographic restrictions.

General Relief is a county-funded, time-limited cash aid benefit. Eligible individuals must meet residency restrictions and maximum income requirements. Some eligible individuals must comply with GROW (General Relief Opportunities for Work) requirements. Individuals should speak with a General Relief eligibility worker to discuss resident and income restrictions, and to determine eligibility.

General Relief benefits can be extended for two employability status classifications: Employables, and Unemployables.

Employable individuals have no medical conditions that would prevent employment. These individuals may receive general relief for nine months in a 12-month period, provided they continue to comply with GROW requirements.

Unemployable individuals have one or more medical conditions (temporary or permanent) affecting their ability to work. General Relief benefits are not time limited for unemployables.

The GROW (General Relief Opportunities for Work) component may include an orientation, skills appraisal, job preparation, vocational assessment, education, and training. The program can also pay for work related expenses including transportation, uniforms, shoes, tools, and supplies. Support services may include domestic violence, mental health and substance abuse services.

The Return to Residence Program assists individuals who wish to return to a legal place of residence that is located outside of Los Angeles county, including out of state locations. Individuals must meet all GR eligibility requirements other than the residence requirement. Transportation assistance is provided using the most cost-effective method and may include bus tickets, gas money or vouchers for gasoline.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Initial application paperwork is available online at, which can then be filled out and submitted in person at a local office. All applicants are screened for substance abuse as a condition of eligibility.

Applicants are asked to show a social security card or proof that s/he has applied, a valid form of ID and proof of 15-day residency in Los Angeles County. Valid ID may include a birth certificate, driver's license, U.S. passport, alien registration (green) card, armed forces discharge papers, Indian tribal enrollment card/certificate, or a photo ID issued by a recognized agency.

People who are not U.S. citizens or who are legal aliens must show proof of authorization of residence from the INS.

All applicants are required to be fingerprinted to prevent fraud, duplication of General Relief benefits, and payment of benefits during the time a recipient has been in jail.

FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services; however, General Relief recipients are required to reimburse the county when they are able and liens are taken on all real property.
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