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Self Defense Training ( Hearing Loss, Women )


The organization provides sexual assault services for people in Los Angeles County. Services include abuse/violence related support groups, accompaniment, peer counseling, speakers and printed materials, self-defense courses for women and girls, ongoing professional training for caregivers; and training programs for self-defense instructors. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency provides a support group for male adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Groups are facilitated by a male/female therapeutic team and run for 20 weeks.

The community and professional education components of the agency's services include speakers who present information for groups about sexual assault and battering, the myths that contribute to the victimization of the survivor, the services needed by survivors, the legal procedures involved, the healing process, resources, including the Victim of Crime Compensation Program and prevention.

The agency's SART program offers training to medical professionals and technical assistance, primarily for multidisciplinary SART partners who work and respond to victims of sexual violence, including Law Enforcement, DA's Office, medical professionals of hospital emergency rooms to sensitize them to the needs of assault survivors. The program includes information about the myths and realities of sexual assault, the emotional needs of survivors and victim rights.

As part of the agency's prevention program, it provides self-defense workshops for women and girls, including special sessions for deaf and hearing-impaired women and for women who have physical and developmental disabilities. Workshops are also available for community groups and organizations. The programs include information about the realities of sexual assault; emphasize assertiveness in speech, body language, and behavior; offer a variety of self-defense techniques; and stress that the way a person deals with an assault situation must be that person's choice, based on knowledge of alternatives. The agency also offers training for women who are interested in becoming self-defense class instructors.

The organization networks with a variety of community agencies and groups to ensure that resources are provided for survivors; is available for technical assistance consultations; and also compiles statistics related to sexual assault and battering to lobby for changes in legislation related to these crimes and to the treatment of survivors. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the hotline for information and referral. Call the agency to apply for other services; an intake appointment is required for the support group. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most services. The self defense classes have a fixed fee; call for more information.
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Services are provided by appointment only; call for information.


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