Self Petitions for Abused Spouses

Self Petitions for Abused Spouses


The agency provides immigration services targeted to individuals who normally cannot afford legal assistance. Services are provided by volunteer attorneys and law students. Services include asylum application adjudication, immigrant visa application filing assistance, and self petition for battered spouses. There are no geographic restrictions.

The Immigrations' Rights Project provides legal representation to individuals seeking political asylum based on racial, religious or political persecution. It also provides the Battered Immigrant Women's Project which assists non-U.S. citizen battered women who are married to U.S. citizens; the project provides representation and assists with VAWA self-petitioning. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for intake and possible referral. Proof of income is required. A referral from Legal Aid is required for the Volunteer Legal Services Project. There may be a waiting of several weeks to match a client with a volunteer attorney. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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610 S. Ardmore Ave.

Los Angeles , CA 90005 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:15pm; closed between 12:30pm and 1:30pm.


(213) 385-9089


(800) 870-8090 (213) 385-2977 ext 400 (Homeless Prevention Law Project) (213) 385-2977 ext 301 (Center for Veterans Advancement) (213) 385-2977 ext 500 (Children's Rights Services) (213) 385-2977 ext 200 (Community Development Project) (213) 385-2977 ext 700 (Consumer Law Project) (213) 385-2977 ext 704 (Bankruptcy Services) (213) 385-2977 ext 600 (Immigrant's Rights Project)

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(213) 385-2977 (Main Line)

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