Semi-Independent Living Residences for Adults With Disabilities

Semi-Independent Living Residences for Adults With Disabilities


The agency provides out of home care for developmentally disabled adults age 18 and older in Los Angeles County. Services include intermediate care facilities for developmentally delayed, and semi-independentent living residences for adults with disabilities. The service area for these residential programs are within the North Los Angeles Regional Center service area which includes the San Fernando Valley and parts of North Los Angeles.

The program operates 16 residential homes which, combined, house 102 developmentally disabled people, and provides individualized programs to meet the basic needs of each resident. Components may include independent living skills training, behavior modification, socialization and communication skills, and speech therapy.

Fourteen group homes are licensed as Intermediate Care Facility - Developmentally Disabled - Habilitative. These are 6-bed group homes for developmentally disabled clients. In addition there are two facilities that provide nursing care: one facility which is a ICF-DD-N (Nursing) which is a group home for those with medical conditions who need a bit more care, and one group home licensed as ICF-DD-CN (Continuous Nursing) that houses those with medical conditions that need continuous nursing care.

In addition, the agency owns four condominiums in Canoga Park, which house eight clients. Developmentally disabled clients live together in three condos, and a care provider is available to them in an adjoining condo. The program includes household training and supervision to help the residents live in a semi-independent setting. Residents attend schools or sheltered workshops and some residents work in the community. APPLICATION PROCEDURE People are usually referred by the Regional Centers; however, private referrals are considered. The address and phone listed above are for the administrative office of the agency. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Regional Center pays the fees for those they have referred. Clients who are ineligible for Regional Center payment are charged on an ability to pay basis. Medi-Cal is accepted for the residential homes.
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