Semi-Independent Living Residences for Adults With Disabilities

Semi-Independent Living Residences for Adults With Disabilities

Provider: ARC, THE - SOUTH BAY

The agency provides programs for adults with developmental disabilities who live, primarily, in the South Bay area. Services include disability related center based employment, independent living skills instruction, leisure activities, prevocational training, recreational activities/sports, semi-independent living residences for adults with disabilities and special education. Services are restricted to clients of the local Regional Centers.

The ARC-South Bay - Residential Services, provides a semi-independent residential living program in Torrance for ambulatory mentally retarded or developmentally disabled adults age 18 and older who are enrolled in full-time vocational or educational programs or are employed and do not require intensive medical, psychiatric, or nursing care. Applicants must be eligible for SSI, registered with a regional center, have the potential for independent decision-making, and have the capacity to benefit from independent living skills training.

The ARC-South Bay - Adult Development Centers provide living skills training at two locations for adults age 18 and older who have severe or profound mental retardation or other developmental disabilities and are not yet ready for work activity centers, sheltered workshops or other ongoing day programs. Consumers are referred by regional center and live primarily in the South Bay area.

Southwest Industries is a work activity center which offers an opportunity for developmentally disabled adults age 18 and older to develop work skills, mature socially, earn money, and prepare for competitive employment. Each participant is individually assessed to determine the types of skills, experience and supports that are needed to help him or her to function in a work setting, and these services are provided along with competitive employment placements in the community. To qualify, an applicant's primary disability must be mental retardation. Applicants must be independent in self-care skills, able to monitor their own medication, able to provide their own transportation, be registered with regional center or the State Department of Rehabilitation, be able to follow instructions and role-modeling, agree to follow the workshop rules, and not exhibit aggressive or self destructive behavior. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply; a referral from regional center is required for most services. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees and the fees for many of the organization's services are paid by the regional center; the fees are determined by contract with the state.
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