Senior Ride Programs

Senior Ride Programs


The agency provides curb to curb para-transit services in the Gardena/Hawthorne area for senior citizens age 60 and older and for people of any age who have physical or mental disabilities which make it difficult for them to use regular public transportation services. There are geographic restrictions for service.

Transportation within the program's service area is available for any purpose; the service area consists of the cities of Gardena and Hawthorne, the unincorporated areas on the west boundary of Gardena, and the unincorporated area which is bordered by Hawthorne and El Segundo on the east, south and west and by 116th Street on the north. There is also limited service outside of this area to specific locations like medical facilities, social service agencies and shopping centers.

Most transportation is on a demand-response basis. Transportation is provided using a fleet of 100% wheelchair accessible vans. In addition, the agency provides scheduled service to hospitals and social security offices within the service areas. Call for details.

To be eligible for service, a rider must have obtained an identification card which verifies residence and age or disability. Riders should be at the designated pick-up point before the scheduled time and should allow time for pick-up and delivery of other passengers. Riders must present the exact cash payment or a ticket when boarding; the driver cannot make change. Service is provided in lift-equipped vans which are air conditioned; smoking is not permitted.

Drivers usually cannot help people from building to curb but they will assist people to board the van, and will help load and unload up to three packages. If necessary, people may call days in advance to arrange to have a wheelchair provided on board the van which they can use to ride the lift if they are unable to use the steps. Riders who have disabilities who wish to ride with an aide must request an additional ID card for the aide when they register. Escorts or aides may ride without charge. Any eligible rider who resides in Hawthorne may purchase dial-a-ride token for $.75; only riders who are SSI recipients may purchase half-price discount tickets if they live in Gardena or unincorporated sections of the service area. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Registered riders from all areas call the dispatch number to request both demand-response and scheduled service; 24-hour notice is recommended. Staff will attempt to provide same-day service if the caller has an urgent medical or other need.

To register for service, Gardena and county area residents apply on a walk-in basis at the Gardena Senior Citizen Bureau located at 1670 W. 162nd St., Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm; Hawthorne residents apply at Hawthorne Senior Services (see the separate entry) Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. They must provide identification which verifies residence and age or a doctor's letter which certifies disability. Applicants are given a temporary ID card at that time and schedule an appointment to return to be photographed for a permanent picture ID. People who have a temporary card may use the service. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The regular fee is $.75 for a one-way trip. Legally blind individuals ride for free. An aide assisting a handicapped passenger rides free of charge, however the person requiring the aide must have an ID card that specifies the need for escort service.
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13999 S. Western Ave.

Gardena , CA 90249 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm; Saturday, 8:00am to 5:00pm; Sunday and holidays, 8:00am to 2:30pm.

Service/Intake and Administration

(310) 965-8848 (Ride Scheduling)


(310) 217-9552 (Gardena Special Transit Registration)

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