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Shared Housing Facilities ( Veterans )


The program provides housing services for individual adults with mental health issues, or other life challenges in Los Angeles County, including homelessness, job loss, hospital discharge. Services include supportive houses throughout the County. The program is called the Collaborative Housing Program and provides shared housing with no direct supervision. Applicants do not need a referral from DMH. All houses have utilities paid, a communal kitchen, and a garden. There are separate houses for men and women.

The Collaborative Housing Program provides shared housing services for people with disabilities, veterans, or other individuals who have barriers to living independently. Individuals are paired up based on personal qualifications.

Participants must have income from SSI or other source, be able to take care of themselves, and be willing to attend 3 self-help support groups a week. Participants share a room in a house with a roommate and should be willing to help with chores as well as have a willingness to hold a job or volunteer in the community. There are no geographic restrictions. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the (877) number for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Rent may be approximately $600 per month or less with no deposit and no utility fees; SSI is accepted. People in urgent need of housing may be able to get some housing for a small fee per night; depending on availability.
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6666 Green Valley Circle

Culver City , CA 90230 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 1:00pm to 6:00pm.


(310) 846-5278


(310) 846-5270

Information Only

(877) 742-7349 (877-SHARE49; M-F 1pm-6pm)


(310) 305-8878

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