Sign Language Instruction

Sign Language Instruction


The agency provides post-secondary education to individuals in Los Angeles County. Services include adult basic education, citizenship education, community colleges, computer and related technology classes, continuing eduation, English as a Second Language, recreational/leisure/arts instruction, sign language instruction, sign language interpretation and vocational education. It primarily serves people who live in the northeast San Fernando Valley, but qualified people from any area may apply.

This two-year college provides a variety of academic and occupational courses and programs as well as support services for California residents who are high school graduates or who are age 18 or older. It also provides a variety of community service programs.

Students may earn an Associate of Arts degree in two years and transfer to a four-year college, may earn a vocational certificate and enter the workforce, or may take courses primarily for personal enrichment.

The college provides courses in academic areas that meet degree requirements; offers instruction in American Sign Language; and offers occupational courses in fields like alcoholism and chemical dependency studies, accounting, business administration, data processing, child development, electronics, family and consumer studies, finance, journalism, paralegal, office administration, and real estate.

The Community Extension Department provides a wide range of non-credit courses for children and adults. The courses focus on areas like personal development, fine arts, crafts, languages, performing arts, physical fitness, recreation, business, and professional development. In addition, the department offers computer skills, performing arts, and cooking.

Support services are available for students including tutoring, child care, financial aid, personal counseling, academic and career counseling, a job placement office, specialized assistance and classes for students who have physical disabilities and learning disabilities, a comprehensive support program under EOPS for qualified full-time low income students, and a variety of clubs and organizations. The services for students who have disabilities are coordinated by the Disabled Students Programs and Services Office and include tutoring; sign language interpreters; special equipment; and assistance with tests, note-taking, and registration. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or visit the admissions office for additional information and to complete an application form. The application must be presented in person along with the student's social security card. A TDD number is available for hearing-impaired students. New students are tested to evaluate their language and mathematics skill levels and also attend an orientation session. Class registration is done in person on scheduled dates prior to the beginning of each semester. People who have not lived in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of the semester are considered non-residents and must pay additional fees. Immigration documents must be presented by citizens of other than the United States. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Students pay a state-mandated $46 per unit enrollment fee. Fees for out-of-state students are higher. Low income resident students may apply to have their enrollment fees waived or deferred; the Financial Aid office also provides information about grants and other financial assistance. ESL class fees are $46 per unit. There is an additional fee for the INS citizenship test.
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13356 Eldridge Ave.

Sylmar , CA 91342 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Service hours vary; call for information.


(818) 364-7806


(818) 364-7600 (818) 364-7648 (Financial Aid Office) (818) 364-7732 (Disabled Student Services) (818) 364-7774 (Non-Credit Program; Citizenship Program) (818) 364-7736 (Foster & Kinship Care Education)


(818) 364-7861

Service/Intake and Administration

(844) 695-2223 (Student Help Desk)

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