Sober Living Homes for People Recovering From a Drug Use Disorder

Sober Living Homes for People Recovering From a Drug Use Disorder ( Hispanic/Latino Community, Low Income, Males )


The agency provides residential treatment for substance use disorders for adults, including men, and women who are pregnant or who have children. Services are targeted, but not restricted, to low-income Hispanic/Latino residents of East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. Services include residential alcohol use disorder treatment facilities, residential drug use disorder treatment facilities, sober living homes for recovering alcohol use disorder, and sober living homes for recovering drug use disorder. There are no geographic restrictions.

The Omni Center provides services for men and the Mariposa Recovery Center provides services for women and women with children. Both centers provide a 9 month residential recovery program in which individuals must have at least 72 hours of sobriety.

The programs include alcohol and drug education; individual and group counseling; vocational counseling; and AA and NA meetings. The centers also provide supported living services.

Applicants must be employed or self-supporting, be involved in a 12-step or other recovery plan, and be willing to participate in the center's program and shared chores. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in for information. Intake is done by appointment only. People who call for the residential program intake are given an assessment appointment and usually placed on a waiting list until a bed is available. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Call for fee information.
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3430 Cogswell Rd.

El Monte , CA 91732 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day.


(626) 453-3400 (Residential Program)


(626) 453-3410

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