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Speakers/Speakers Bureaus ( Domestic Violence Issues )


The agency provides volunteer opportunities for individuals age 18 and older living in Los Angeles County. Volunteer Opportunities include crisis intervention volunteer opportunities, individual/group advocacy volunteer opportunities and public speaking volunteer opportunities. There are no geographic restrictions.

Crisis intervention volunteers help rape and domestic violence survivors on a confidential 24 hour hotline. Volunteers can work shifts from their home, from their business, or from anywhere they have easy access to a telephone. Crisis intervention volunteer opportunities are limited to women who are 18 years of age and older. Crisis intervention volunteer counselor-advocates provide counseling, advocacy, education and referrals to suvivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and child abuse.

Public speaking volunteers present violence prevention information to youth and teens at school or to members of their community through the Violence Prevention Specialist program. Public speaking volunteer opportunities are limited to men and women who are 18 years of age and older. Volunteers in this program may also staff resource tables at commnity fairs. Prior to the volunteer's involvement, all volunteers must complete a 7-week training program, which begins in February of each year.

The "Voices over Violence" program is a speaker's bureau consisting of individuals willing to share and discuss their experiences with sexual assault, child sexual abuse and domestic violence. Speakers are able to address common myths surrounding violence, resources and the healing process. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or e-mail the agency at info@peaceoverviolence.org to apply to volunteer. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Volunteers must pay a $100 training processing fee. If this is a hardship, special arrangements can be made with the Training Coordinator.
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