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Specialized Information and Referral ( Alzheimer's Disease )


The center provides health services for people of any age who have memory problems or dementia disorders, and also links people to treatment resources. The center also provides support services for clients' families and for family members of people who have dementing disorders who are not receiving services through the program. Services include dementia evaluation, disease/disability information, health/disability related support groups, and specialized information and referral. There are no geographic restrictions.

For a person to receive diagnostic and/or treatment services at the center s/he must exhibit symptoms which include memory loss. While the majority of patients are older adults who have Alzheimer's disease the center also treats people who have memory loss from other causes which may be accompanied by related conditions like vagueness, depression, and personality changes. The goal of the program is to promote a better understanding of these conditions; to provide a resource for patients, families and private physicians; and to enable older adults to stay in their own homes whenever possible.

People who request care at the center are given an examination to determine the reason for their memory loss. Diagnostic services may include neurological examinations, neuro-psychological testing, laboratory testing and imaging (CT or MRI). Social work consultation is also available. After a person receives a diagnosis, the center provides health education and linkage to other treatment programs with referral back to the community physician for ongoing care. An individual case plan is developed in conjunction with the patient's family. Referrals are then made to appropriate treatment and resource programs.

The services provided for family members of people who have these disorders include personal counseling, educational and support groups, health education, and referrals for needed services. The types of information that staff can provide include instruction in caregiver techniques and information about sources of financial and legal assistance. Patients or family members who desire to, may take part in research studies at the center. APPLICATION PROCEDURE The program accepts referrals from healthcare providers, patients or their families and other agencies. People may call for an appointment or information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees for service. Private insurance, MediCal and Medicare are accepted.
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Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm; Friday, 8:30am to 12:00pm.


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