Specialized Information and Referral

Specialized Information and Referral ( Older Adult/Aging Issues )


The program provides services for older adults who live, primarily, in Hollywood, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley. The program provides assistance for families who may be having difficulties finding services for frail elderly, age 50 and older. Services include adult in-home respite care, case/care management, senior housing information and referral and specialized information and referral for aging issues and services. There are age and geographic restrictions for service.

The program provides consultation with the family to identify problems the elderly person may be having including intergenerational communication problems that are occurring in the family unit. Staff assist with the development of an individualized case plan to remediate the situation. The program may recommend placement in a nursing home, retirement hotel or board and care home or provide referrals for needed health or mental health care, employment, education; transportation or financial assistance. In-home nurse aides and companions are available.

If the family is separated from an elderly member who lives in Los Angeles, the program can provide comprehensive case management services. Other services that are directly available from the agency separately or in combination with case management include a preventive health program that is individually designed to anticipate common problems of aging and maintain the elderly person's health; assistance with monthly bills and payments when the elderly person is unable to handle this responsibility for him or herself; and respite care to enable family members who are caretakers a period of relief. APPLICATION PROCEDURE An appointment is required for services and consultations. No appointments are needed for aides and companions. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees are based on an hourly rate. Insurance is not accepted.
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1424 4th St., Ste. 405

Santa Monica , CA 90401 (Physical)

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Hours vary; evening appointments are available.

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