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Speech Therapy ( Children )


The agency provides services for people with disabilities targeted to children age 18 months to 6 years old or children not currently enrolled in kindergarten, whichever comes first. Services include speech and language pathology and speech therapy. There are no geographic restrictions.

Speech and language pathology and therapy services include evaluations and individual or small group speech and language therapy sessions. In conjunction with the child's treatment, speech therapists meet with parents to assist them with ways to improve the speech and language environment of the home.

After the evaluation, children are eligible for services which include 30 or 60 minute sessions which occur 1 to 2 times per week. Participants may spend as long as 24 months in the program. The duration of therapy depends on the child's progress and the family's ability to maintain consistent attendance.

Clinicians provide written progress reports periodically. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Appointments are required; call to apply or for more information. There is a six to nine month waiting list for evaluation/therapy. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:30pm.

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(626) 564-8947


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