State Unemployment Insurance

State Unemployment Insurance


The department provides employment insurance programs for California residents. Services include disability and unemployment insurance programs. The department accepts complaints and unemployment benefit fraud reports. There are no geographic restrictions.

Benefits are determined by applicant's employment earnings during the four quarters of the one year base period. Unemployment insurance benefits (UIB) are provided for eligible people who are actively seeking work. The menu system 800 number provides the caller with choices for general information on filing a claim, check information or claim filing services. People who need a print-out of their work history, or GR applicants who must prove their ineligibility for UIB with a print-out, must first make a UIB claim. Print-outs will be sent within 7 working days.

Automated Self-Service number is to get check information and One-Stop Career Center locations for people who do not need to speak to a representative. The number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Disability insurance (DI) benefits are provided for eligible people who, due to injury or illness, are unable to work for a period of at least 10 days.

The paid family leave program provides up to six weeks of benefits to employees who will suffer loss of income from wages due to the need to care for a parent, child, spouse or domestic partner. The claimant must be covered by SDI, must complete and submit the form including documentation from a physician. The insurance coverage does not provide job protection.

Appeals may be made by people who have been denied unemployment insurance benefits, or who have had their benefit reduced. To file an appeal, a person must respond within 20 calendar days of receipt of a Notice of Determination. Mail the appeal to the Office of Appeals listed on the notice. The Office of Appeals will notify an individual of the time and place of a hearing at least 10 days prior to the hearing. (See the site list for the location of Los Angeles County Offices of Appeals). LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH Spanish-speaking staff are available at all offices; see site detail for other language capabilities. The 800 menu system line is also available in Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Application for unemployment insurance is made on-line, by mail, by fax, or by telephone.

To file an application on-line, please go to

Call the designated automated application number or the nearest EDD office.

Disability insurance applications are made on-line or by mail. To file a Disability Insurance claim by mail you must complete and submit a claim form. To order a claim form online visit the Online Forms and Publications on the agency's web site or call the (800) 480-3287 or (866) 658-8846 Spanish line.

The application for paid family leave may be obtained through the designated hotline number and online at the agency's website

Unemployment Benefits Fraud Reporting may be done by calling the designated hotline number. Service are both in English and Spanish. Reports may also be made by sending the suspect's name and Social Security number by FAX to 916-653-7767, or may be filed on the Department website. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service. There may be fixed fees for some Online forms and publications.
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5301 Whittier Blvd., 3rd Fl.

Los Angeles , CA 90022 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(877) 238-4373 (Paid Family Leave Program) (800) 229-6297 (Fraud Tip Hotline - M-F, 8am to 4:45pm) (800) 480-3287 (Disability Insurance/Information Line) (800) 326-8937 (UIB Claims/Info - Spanish) (800) 300-5616 (UIB Claims/Info)


(800) 547-3506 (UIB Claims/Info Cantonese - M-F, 8am to 12pm) (800) 547-2058 (UIB Claims/Info Vietnamese - M-F, 8am to 12pm) (866) 303-0706 (UIB Claims/Info Mandarin - M-F, 8am to 12pm)


(800) 563-2441 (SDI) (800) 815-9387 (TTY direct for UIB - M-F, 8am to 12pm) (800) 445-1312 (TTY Paid Family Leave)

Information Only

(866) 333-4606 (UI Automated Self-Service, 24 hours a day, English and Spanish)

Service/Intake and Hotline

(800) 528-1783 (Fraud Hotline)

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