Supported Employment

Supported Employment


The agency provides services for people with developmental disabilities for adults in the greater Long Beach area who have a primary diagnosis of mental retardation and/or developmental delay who are referred by Regional Center. Services include a center for independent living, disability related center based employment, job coach volunteer opportunities and supported employment. There are geographic restrictions.

As a center for independent living, the goal of the program is to assist each participant to achieve the highest possible level of independent living and social development and, if possible, to prepare clients to participate in a vocational program. The services at the Day Training Activity Center (DTAC) are designed to provide education and training in the skills needed for successful daily living including sensory-motor, cognitive, communication, socialization, cooking, grooming and pre-vocational skills. To qualify, people must possess basic self-help skills, be able to move about the facility and care for their own personal needs, demonstrate behaviors that are appropriate for a classroom setting, and be able to tolerate and benefit from a full-time program. Each person initially participates in an evaluation process and in the development of individualized training goals and objectives which are reassessed on a regular basis. Clients are assigned to a group based on their level of functioning and attend different classes with their group throughout the day. Independent living skills training includes sensory-motor training; cognitive development; fine motor skills; sensory skills; and memory training.

Participants also learn to use leisure time constructively through recreational instruction; personal grooming skills are taught; and communication and language programs including speech assessment and pre-language skill training, syntax development, and visual discrimination are taught. The pre-vocational training provided includes skills like attention to task and appropriate group interaction to prepare participants for work activity, sheltered workshop programs or supported employment. Participants may remain in the center program for several months or a number of years, depending upon need.

The Work Activity Center provides vocational counseling, and behavior modification programs, if needed. Following this orientation/work adjustment phase, participants are assigned to a production line position where they gain work experience. The center contracts with businesses and industry for a variety of types of work; participants may gain paid work experience in shrink-wrapping, collating, electro-mechanical sub-assembly, machine work, and custodial/landscaping tasks. Some participants may continue to work as employees at the center; others may be selected to be placed in supported employment jobs with industry. The center coordinates with employers in industry to place participants in appropriate positions (supported employment). At the end of training, providing the employee's work is acceptable, the participant remains in the job as an industry employee. Center staff supervise and act as job coaches throughout the training period, then gradually decrease intervention to an as needed basis.

Adult volunteers are sought to help participants in the DTAC and also in the Work Activity Center. APPLICATION PROCEDURE A referral from Regional Center is required for participation in all agency programs. Call for information or to arrange an appointment. People may also call who are interested in volunteering to work with the agency. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees paid by clients; the fees are paid by Regional Center.
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