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The agency provides family support services for parents and caregivers, including those who are abusive or who fear they may become abusive to their children, in Los Angeles County. Services include anger management, child abuse prevention, child abuse support groups, helplines/warmlines, parenting skills classes, parent support groups and volunteer opportunities. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency operates the California Parent and Youth Helpline and the National Parent Helpline. The helplines provide trauma-informed, evidenced-based emotional support to parents, caregivers, children and youth, and are available in Spanish and other languages.

Weekly online support groups are available for parents and caregivers, including adult survivors of child abuse; grandparents who are primary caregivers; and for incarcerated, minority, mono-lingual, single and teen parents. Groups are led by trained facilitators and parent leaders, and are available in Spanish. Child care and children's groups are offered when in-person parent groups are available. The parent support group can also qualify for a court approved parenting class.

The program Transforming LA is providing online parent support groups for parents and caregivers who live in Supervisorial District 5.

The program NACCHO is providing online parent support groups for parents and caregivers who live in the cities of Chino, Covina, Diamond Bar, La Verne, Montclair and Pomona.

Child abuse prevention is provided through community education presentations, written materials and training for mental health professionals.

The program provides court-accepted parenting skills development targeted to child abusers through classes held at various sites throughout Los Angeles County. The classes are facilitated by staff and cover a variety of topics related to parenting. Individuals receive certificates of attendance upon completion. Court letters are provided as requested.

Volunteer opportunities for group facilitators, parent leaders, children's program workers, fundraising activities, office work and special projects are also available. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or text the California Parent and Youth Helpline, or visit the web site at for chat or email support. Call the main number to find the nearest group location or parenting skills class; no intake or application procedure is required. For the Transforming LA and the NACCHO parent support groups call the hotline or visit the agency's web site at to register. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for helpline support, support groups, newsletters or speakers. Fees for parenting classes or professional training vary.
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