Temporary Mailing Address

Temporary Mailing Address


The mission provides homeless support services to needy people in the San Fernando Valley. Services include bathing facilities, clothing, personal hygiene/grooming supplies, temporary mailing address, and homeless safe parking. There are no geographic restrictions.

Clean clothes, new undergarment/socks, hygiene and shower kits, basic medicines, and blankets are available. The staff may also provide referrals to other community services as needed.

The Safe Parking Program provides vehicle dwellers with a safe and legal place to park and sleep at night in the Palmdale area. Exact location will be disclosed after application is approved.

Safe Parking Programs may be available to persons who meet the following criteria: Single adults, families, or youth who are experiencing homelessness or actively fleeing domestic violence, living in their vehicle, and have an operable vehicle.

Safe Parking Services include:
- Access to park a vehicle in a safe parking lot with onsite security and restrooms.
- Access to have a Coordinated Entry System (CES) assessment completed.
- Referrals and linkages to community resources.
- Access to case management, financial assistance and benefit connection.
A list of all Safe Parking Program Providers is available at:


APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply for Safe Parking Program. Walk in for other services. Shower facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis; sign in and wait for a turn. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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11076 Norris Ave., 2nd Fl.

Pacoima , CA 91331 (Physical)

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P.O. Box 7609

Mission Hills , CA 91346 (Mailing)

Service/Intake and Administration

(818) 392-0020


(818) 558-7999

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