Temporary Restraining Order Filing Offices

Temporary Restraining Order Filing Offices


This state trial court is an L A County Superior Court with jurisdiction over criminal, civil, family, and traffic cases in Van Nuys. There are no geographic restrictions for service.

The court has jurisdiction over criminal cases which involve misdemeanor offenses that are punishable by a fine or less than 12 months imprisonment in county jails, or both; in violations of laws such as theft, traffic offenses and vagrancy, and for felony offenses, such as arson, burglary and murder.

The Van Nuys Courthouse West has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and felony criminal cases.

The Van Nuys Courthouse East has jurisdiction over general civil (non-personal injury), small claims and family law cases in Van Nuys. The court also provides assistance with Temporary Restraining Order filing. It serves as a small claims and a juvenile traffic court. See the separate entry for Juvenile Traffic Court. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, walk in or visit the website or information or service. The court no longer offers live telephone service for traffic.

Individuals can pay or address their traffic issues through the website at www.lasuperiorcourt.org or call the automated traffic line. If the individual cannot resolve their issues through those means then they must go to the courthouse listed on their citation. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees vary; visit the court's website for a list of court fees.
Application Procedure
Service Condition Fee


(818) 901-4799 (General Civil) (818) 901-4797 (Family Law) (818) 901-4798 (Small Claims)


(818) 901-4720 (Courthouse Manager)
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