Transitional Housing/Shelter

Transitional Housing/Shelter ( SSI Recipients, Single Women )


The program provides transitional shelter for single adults, including people who are undocumented, who meet the eligibility criteria. Services are targeted, but not restricted, to homeless adults in the Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles. The program cannot accommodate people who use wheelchairs. There are no geographic restrictions.

Eligible people are adults age 18 to 64 who fit one of the following criteria:

* Homeless individuals who need assistance to break the cycle of homelessness.

* General Relief recipients who are on a 60 day penalty.

* Newly employed single adults or couples who are saving and seeking permanent housing.

* Borderline cases such as a single person on SSI who has not received his or her check.

* Individuals new to the Los Angeles area and waiting to fulfill the GR residency requirement.

* Employable individuals who are presently seeking employment.

* Individuals newly released from prison and referred by parole agents in Region III of the California Department of Corrections.

* Individuals requiring mental health evaluations or monitoring.

The program provides more than 500 beds in single, double, and dormitory-style rooms. Bathing and laundry facilities are provided. The length of stay varies; the maximum stay in transitional housing is 24 months. Meals are not provided for some programs; residents are referred to soup kitchens in the area. Residents must abide by shelter rules which prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol and includes a 12:00am curfew; curfew exceptions can be made to accommodate work schedules.

Support services include casework, budget counseling, mental health and recovery support, and welfare advocacy. Twenty-four hour security is provided.

The center provides specialized transitional housing through its recuperative care, parolee and veterans programs and referrals are required for these programs from county hospitals, social service agencies, HIV/AIDS-related agencies, the parole board or the Veterans Administration. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Walk in to apply There may be awaiting list for shelter. Referring agencies may call and arrange appointments for people who are newly employed and unable to comply with the waiting list procedure.

ID is preferred, but not required. Documentation of homelessness is required for eligibility. GR recipients must present proof of penalty; employed people must supply proof of employment; and SSI-eligible people should be able to document their eligibility and source of income. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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566 S. San Pedro St.

Los Angeles , CA 90013 (Physical)

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501-515 E. Sixth St.

Los Angeles , CA 90021 (Mailing)

Service hours
Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day. Intake hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.


(213) 624-3527 (Hope Row Resource Center)


(213) 833-5020 (Hope Row Resource Center) (213) 627-9000 (Assistance for Homeless Individuals)

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