Trauma Centers

Trauma Centers


The facility provides hospital services for people of all ages who are in Los Angeles County. Services include bereavement support groups, cardiovascular medicine, emergency room care, hospitals, tattoo removal, and trauma centers. The facility is a designated trauma center. There are no geographic restrictions.

Bereavement support groups meet for ten weeks and are facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker and chaplain.

Tattoo removal is performed only on those tattoos that are visible. Removal is not restricted to those with gang-related tattoos. The gang related tattoo program is free. The non-gang related tattoo has a free consultation. Tattoo removal is only on black ink tattoos, not color tattoos. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply or walk in for emergency services. Call for qualifications for tattoo removal program. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fixed Fee Medi-Cal, Medicare and private insurance are accepted.

There are no fees for gang related tattoo removal; clients are asked to perform community service as payment. There is a free consultation for non-gang related tattoo removal. Bereavement support groups are free.
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15031 Rinaldi St.

Mission Hills , CA 91345 (Physical)

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P.O. Box 9600

Mission Hills , CA 91646 (Mailing)

Service hours
Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day.

Service/Intake and Administration

(818) 365-8051 (Main Line)


(888) 432-5464 (Health Resource Center) (818) 496-4310 (Community Education) (818) 496-4173 (Welcome Baby)

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