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Utility Disconnection Notification ( Older Adults )


The program provides financial assistance to low-income people who live in the Southern California Gas Company service area. Services include discounted utility services and rates for low-income customers and utility disconnection notification services. Programs include: California Alternative Rates Energy (CARE) program, Energy Savings Assistance Program, Gas Assistance Fund (GAF), Medical Baseline Program, Level Pay Plan and Third Party Notification. Income restrictions apply for most services.

The CARE program provides a 20% discounted rate for households whose incomes meet guidelines established by the California Public Utilities Commission. To be eligible for the CARE discount, customer's income must be equal to or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The program is also available to non-profit group living facilities such as homeless shelters and hospices with low-income residents. Non-profit facilities must show proof that their residents meet the low-income eligibility requirements and proof of their non-profit status.

The Energy Savings Assistance Program provides free energy-saving home improvements to low-income homeowners. Customers may participate approximately every 10 years, and like the CARE program customer's income must be equal to or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. See the Conservation service description for more details.

The Gas Assistance Fund (GAF) is a seasonal program administered by the United Way, that helps income-qualified customers pay their gas bills with a one-time grant of up to $100 toward the gas bill (during specific winter months). The actual utility bill assistance is provided through community based organizations affiliated with United Way. See the separate entries for utility bill assistance.

The Medical Baseline Program provides additional heat at a lower baseline rate for customers with special medical needs such as quadraplegics, paraplegics, hemiplegic or those who have multiple sclerosis or scleroderma or any other condition in which heating and cooling are a medical necessity. The program is not based on income, but doctor certification is required.

The Level Pay Plan smoothes the ups and downs of monthly gas bills by averaging annual gas consumption and costs over a 12 month period. Monthly bills are an average instead of actual charges.

The Third Party Notification Program is designed to prevent service disruption for customers who may have become late or delinquent in paying their gas bill. Customers may designate someone they trust to receive a copy of any late payment or shutoff notice. The designated third party can then notify and encourage the customer to contact the Gas Company to avoid service disconnection. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply or receive information on available programs and services. Information is also available online. Individuals may apply once per calendar year; certain other eligibility guidelines may apply and vary by program. Applications for the CARE program are on the agency's website with an electronic interest form for the Energy Savings Assistance program. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees for service vary.
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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


(888) 427-1345 (Language Line Services) (800) 427-2000 (Commercial Srvs. Energy Efficiency/Rebate Program) (800) 427-0478 (Vietnamese) (800) 427-1429 (Mandarin) (800) 427-0471 (Korean) (800) 427-1420 (Cantonese) (800) 342-4545 (Spanish) (800) 427-2200 (24-hour Residential Service;Emergencies; Rebate Program) (800) 427-2200 (Pay Bill by Phone Program Residential/Commercial; CARE Program) (909) 307-7070 (Residential Customers, International Callers (001-909-307-7070)) (811) - (DigAlert to mark gas lines)


(800) 252-0259

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