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The Benefits Administration provides veterans benefits other than health services, for active military, veterans, veterans' dependents, veterans' spouses, and present or former reservists and National Guard members. Services include veteran benefit assistance, compensation and pension benefits, education benefits, employment programs, life insurance, loans, and survivors insurance. Benefits are a national resource, but are administered in the Los Angeles area by the Los Angeles Regional Office.

Compensation programs include Disability Compensation for disabilities incurred in military service or which developed as a result of that service; Dependency and Indemnity compensation (DIC) is provided to a surviving spouse or child who died while on active duty; and Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) paid for those who need aid and attendance by another person because of a service related injury. The compensation is a tax free monetary benefit.

Education and Training benefits include the GI Bill, which provides tuition for approved educational programs, including vocational training; VetSuccess, a job search and application program and website (www.vetsuccess.gov); vocational rehabilitation programs for veterans with service-related disabilities; and Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA) for eligible dependents of deceased or totally disabled veterans.

Home Loan Guaranty programs include home purchase loans at a reduced rate of interest, often with no down payment required; Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) to obtain a lower rate on an existing VA loan; Adapted Housing Grants to help veterans with permanent service-related disabilities to adapt or modify their existing home to accommodate their disability; and Native American Direct Loan (NADL) programs to help eligible Native Americans obtain low interest loans for homes on Federal Trust Land.

Pension benefits are extended to low-income wartime veterans who meet income guidelines and are either elderly or disabled; Survivors Pension benefits are payable to low-income un-remarried spouse of a deceased wartime veteran. Pension payments may be expanded to include Aid and Attendance benefits for veterans who require in-home assistance or skilled nursing care due to a service-related permanent disability. Eligibility requirements are spelled out in more detail on the VA benefits website.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs of the VA are provided for veterans with service-related disabilities which are so severe they prevent the veteran from seeking ordinary employment. The program (VR&E) provides retraining, vocational counseling and job search and placement. For severely disabled veterans, the program provides independent living skills, case management and medical referrals.

Life insurance options for veterans include low-cost group term life insurance; a group life term policy that can convert to a civilian policy after separation from the service; a Family Service Members policy that covers spouse and children; and special policies for disabled vets that cover life insurance and mortgage insurance. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the VA Benefits Toll Free number. Benefits assistance is also available at Veteran Service Office locations; see the separate entry Los Angeles County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, or statewide listings for Veterans Service Offices. Online application and information is also available at the website www.ebenefits.va.gov

The Fully Developed Claim (FDC) program is an optional initiative that allows veterans, service members and their survivors access to a faster decision for their compensation, pension, or survivor benefit claim. The FDC process attempts to resolve claims in 90 days or less. The process involves submitting all evidence at the time the claim is filed and certifying that the claimant has no further evidence. The recommended way to file a claim is electronically, to do so the claimant must go to ebenefits.va.gov. It is also recommended that they appoint an accredited Veterans Service Officer to assist them in gathering the evidence to support their claim. To file by paper, the claimant must fill out a VA Form 21-526EZ and visit the local regional office. At the regional office, the claimant can appoint an accredited Veterans Service Officer. Claimants can call 1-800-827-1000 for further assistance. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most programs. Insurance policies charge monthly premiums based on family income and age of the service member.
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(800) 827-1000 (VA Benefits) (888) 442-4551 (Education-GI Bill) (800) 419-1473 (Group Life Insurance) (800) 669-8477 (Other VA Life Insurance) (877) 294-6380 (Current Benefits Recipients) (877) 222-8387 (Health Benefits CHAMPVA)


(800) 829-4833


(855) 829-6636 ((855) VA-WOMEN - Women Veterans Hotline)

Service/Intake and Hotline

(877) 327-0022 (My HealtheVet Help Desk) (800) 698-2411 (MyVA411)

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