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WIOA Programs ( Native American Community )


The agency provides WIOA opportunities which may include basic and pre-employment skills training; work experience and On-The-Job Training (OJT) and job search assistance. There are no geographic restrictions.

The WIOA programs serve clients of all skill levels; center caseworkers assess each client's background, skill level, and abilities and link him or her with appropriate training and employment opportunities. Pre-employment skills training presents inexperienced clients with an overview of employment alternatives, training opportunities and job search techniques. The course, which is conducted 30 hours per week is held at the center.

Employment assistance consists of resume and application preparation, job search techniques, and job referral. Job developers meet regularly with each client to discuss the person's progress, adaptation to the work or educational environment and plans for future employment or training. Job developers also meet jointly with clients and their employers to place clients in jobs that allow them an opportunity to develop and strengthen work skills.

The OJT program links clients with private sector employers; who screen and hire the client. The center enters into a contractual agreement with the employer in which center reimburses training costs during a mutually defined training period. At the end of the training the client becomes a permanent employee of the organization, providing that his or her performance has been satisfactory during the training period.

People who need additional or specialized training which the center's programs cannot provide directly may be eligible for assistance for vocational training programs in public and private educational institutions. This training may be in a variety of fields such as clerical, medical and the trades, and usually lasts six months or less.

Clients remain active in center employment programs for variable lengths of time, depending upon individual need and may participate in more than one WIOA program component, if warranted.

To be eligible for the WIOA-funded programs, applicants must be of Native American heritage and either unemployed, underemployed or economically disadvantaged. APPLICATION PROCEDURE People may call or walk in to apply for or learn more about the services provided by this SCIC office. Applicants are asked for picture ID, Social Security card, tribal verification, and documentation of their last period of employment. In addition, male applicants who were born after 1960 must be registered with the selective service. Applicants for the work experience, community service experience and on-the-job training must be age 18 and older. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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