Women's Advocacy Groups

Women's Advocacy Groups


The agency provides information and support services for people in the United States and advocates to improve the pay, opportunities, working conditions, advancement and respect of working women and eliminate sex and race harassment and discrimination. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency provides speakers who can address workplace issues such as equal pay, conflict resolution, bullying, and legal rights; provides phone counseling for women who have been sexually harassed at work; and circulates national newsletters to members which provide up-to-date information about major problems and issues that affect women office workers.

The agency supports a local grassroots volunteer membership chapter to advocate for rights in the workplace. The agency also provides referrals for clients to government agencies that handle employment discrimination. It can advise people on how to choose an attorney who specialize in employment issues, or job counselors. There are no geographic restrictions. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Membership is required for some services; the annual dues are $15; a sliding scale is available if needed. Fees for speakers vary; there are usually no fees for non-profit agencies.
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