Wraparound Facilitation/Community Support

Wraparound Facilitation/Community Support


The program provides counseling services for people of all ages. Services include abuse counseling, adult incest survivor counseling, adolescent/youth counseling, bereavement counseling, child abuse counseling, child guidance, crime victim/witness counseling, cultural transition counseling, disability related counseling, divorce counseling, elder abuse counseling, employment transition counseling, gender identity counseling, general counseling, geriatric counseling, health problems counseling, marriage counseling, parent counseling, perinatal/postpartum depression counseling, premarital counseling, psychiatric disorder counseling, retirement counseling, runaway/homeless youth counseling, sexual assault counseling, and wraparound facilitation/community support. Services are targeted, but not restricted, to low-income people and CalWORKs recipient families; all services are provided in multiple languages. There are no geographic restrictions for most services; wraparound services are restricted to SPA 2 (San Fernando Valley) and SPA 4 (Metro LA).

Therapy plans are determined by client's needs and may include psychodynamic and humanistic approaches for adults and a cognitive-behavioral approach for children.

52-week parenting education programs are provided for court-ordered individuals only. Staff will provide progress reports to the court if needed.

The Wraparound facilitation/community support program is provided for court-referred youth in probation or in DCFS child abuse or foster care programs. Wraparound is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a social worker case manager, a therapist and a parent "Partner". Sessions are conducted in the home and may involve just the child or the whole family as needed. The program accepts youth from age 8 to 18, and may continue for one year or longer. The service area is LA County SPAs 2 and 4. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply; an appointment is required. Proof of income is required; proof of CalWORKs enrollment is required to receive services at no cost. Court paperwork is required for all court-ordered programs. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Services are provided at no cost for CalWORKs recipient family members, otherwise fees are set on a sliding scale that depends on the client's income. Medi-Cal, Medicare and private insurance are accepted.
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3580 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 2000

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Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm; Saturday, by appointment.


(213) 383-4803

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