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The center provides child abuse services, education services, mental health services, residential mental health services, services for people with developmental disabilities and welfare-to-work support services, primarily for residents of the San Fernando Valley, greater Los Angeles and the South Bay area. There are no geographic restrictions.


13130 Burbank Blvd.

Sherman Oaks , Los Angeles 91401 (Physical)

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Site Hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Service/Intake and Administration

(818) 781-0360


(877) 943-5747


(818) 779-5295 (Admission)

All services by this agency

Wraparound Facilitation/Community Support
Adolescent/Youth Counseling ( Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder )
Adolescent/Youth Counseling
Adolescent/Youth Counseling ( TANF Recipients )
Autism Therapy
Behavior Modification
Case/Care Management ( At Risk Adults, Pregnant Women )
Child Abuse Counseling
Child Abuse Prevention ( At Risk Families )
Child Guidance
Child Guidance ( TANF Recipients )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Neurological Impairments )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Intellectual Disabilities )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Hearing Loss )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Mental Illness/Emotional Disabilities )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Learning Disabilities )
Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services ( Developmental Disabilities )
Crime Victim/Witness Counseling
Developmental Assessment
Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays
Educational Therapy
Family Counseling ( TANF Recipients )
Family Counseling
General Counseling Services
Life Skills Education ( Developmental Disabilities )
Life Skills Education ( Learning Disabilities )
Life Skills Education ( Language Impairments )
Mental Health Evaluation ( Youth, TANF Recipients )
Parent Counseling ( Families/Friends of People With Disabilities )
Parenting Skills Classes ( TANF Recipients )
Pregnancy Counseling ( Pregnant Teens )
Private Special Day Schools ( Young Adults )
Psychiatric Case Management ( Youth, TANF Recipients )
Psychiatric Case Management
Psychiatric Day Treatment ( Adolescents )
Psychiatric Day Treatment ( Children )
Psychiatric Medication Monitoring ( Youth, TANF Recipients )
Psychological Testing
Special Preschools
Special Preschools
Speech Therapy
Speech and Language Evaluations
Tutoring Services

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