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The medical center provides health services, HIV/AIDS services, hospital services, and safe haven services for people of all ages in Los Angeles County. Some services are targeted, but not restricted, to Spanish-speaking people. There are no geographic restrictions.


2801 Atlantic Ave.

Long Beach , Los Angeles 90806 (Physical)

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Site Hours
Emergency room hours are Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day; hospital hours are 8:00am to 9:00pm

Service/Intake and Administration

(562) 933-2000 (Hospital Operator, All Departments)


(800) 636-6742 (Physician Referral Service) (562) 933-2761 (Women's Hospital) (562) 933-0913 (Lifeline Program) (562) 933-5437 (Memorial Miller Children's Hospital) (562) 933-0100 (Health Education) (562) 933-2410 (Welcome Baby Program)


(562) 933-0900 (Cancer Answers-Medical Information Line)


(213) 351-7699 (L A County PrEP Warmline)

All services by this agency

AIDS/HIV/STD Prevention Supplies
Adult Mentoring Programs ( Breast Cancer )
Adult Mentoring Programs ( Ovarian Cancer )
Bereaved Parent Support Groups
Bereavement Support Groups ( Adults )
Breast Examinations
Breastfeeding Support Programs
CPR Instruction
Childbirth Education
Chronic Disease Self Management Programs ( Congestive Heart Failure )
Condition Specific Treatment ( Spinal Cord Injuries )
Condition Specific Treatment ( Eating Disorders )
Condition Specific Treatment ( Cancer )
Condition Specific Treatment ( Arthritis )
Contract Clinics ( AIDS/HIV )
Disease/Disability Information ( AIDS )
Disease/Disability Specific Screening/Diagnosis ( Heart Disease, Women )
Emergency Room Care
Estate Planning Assistance
Exercise Classes/Groups
Faith Based Counseling ( Death and Dying Issues )
General Health Education Programs
General Medical Care
Genetic Counseling
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Spinal Cord Injuries )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Brain Disorders )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Amputations )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Stroke )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Breast Cancer )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Youth )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Ovarian Cancer )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Prostate Cancer )
Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Diabetes )
Hearing Screening
Infertility Services
Legal Counseling
Medicaid Contract Hospitals
Medical Information Services ( Cancer )
Neonatal Intensive Care
Nutrition Assessment Services
Obstetrics/Gynecology ( High Risk Infants/Children )
Occupational Therapy
Pain Management
Pediatrics ( High Risk Infants/Children )
Personal Alarm Systems
Physical Therapy
Physician Referrals
Prenatal/Postnatal Home Visitation Programs
Recreational Therapy ( Physical Disabilities )
Safe Havens for Abandoned Newborns
Smoking/Vaping Cessation
Trauma Centers
Women's Health Centers

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