Connecting Los Angeles County

211 LA is your locally based, nonprofit guide to the services & information you need to navigate life in Los Angeles.


LAHSA’s Find a Shelter Tool

Individuals in search of emergency shelter beds may utilize LAHSA’s Find a Shelter tool to find a shelter in their area.
Man resting on bed in homeless shelter

Winter Shelter Waitlist Form

If you would like to join the Winter Shelter Waitlist, please click the button below to submit the waitlist form. 211 LA will contact you when a space becomes available or new information is available.


211 LA Helps Iraq War Veteran Regain Honor and Dignity

In honor of National 211 Day, 211 LA is releasing the inspiring video story of Iraq War Veteran Lewis Jackson. For Jackson, 211 LA County is not just an organization for information and resources. 211 LA is a place of opportunity and hope.
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Annual Impact Report 2021-2022

An unprecedented diversity of client needs, new service offerings, technology initiatives, and community support were handled by 211 LA in 2021 and 2022. Learn more about our impact in our annual report. 

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