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Fire Damage Bridge

10 Freeway Closure

Due to fire damage, the 10 Freeway is closed in both directions, south of Downtown between the 110 Freeway and Alameda Street. Use alternate routes.

Just after midnight on November 11, the LA City Fire Department responded to what became a major fire in a pallet yard in the 1700 block of E. 14th Street near Downtown LA. The fire quickly consumed the yard, multiple trailers, and a second pallet yard under the 10 Freeway. As a result, the 10 Freeway remains closed in both directions, generally between the 110 Freeway and Alameda Street.


211 LA Helps Iraq War Veteran Regain Honor and Dignity

In honor of National 211 Day, 211 LA is releasing the inspiring video story of Iraq War Veteran Lewis Jackson. For Jackson, 211 LA County is not just an organization for information and resources. 211 LA is a place of opportunity and hope.
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