Thank you for supporting your local 2-1-1!Maribel Marin

Dear 211 Supporter,

As this annual report illustrates, 211 LA’s trajectory over the past year has been a profound testament to the organization’s essential role in the fabric of Los Angeles County’s social services. Our efforts have transcended challenges, notably our critical stand against potential replacement in 2022, showcasing resilience and adaptability that speaks directly to our significant return on investment for the community.

We’ve highlighted our strategic alignments with vital initiatives, leveraging technological advancements to bolster our services. The implementation of the Community Information Exchange (CIE) approach is a testament to our forward-thinking, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive comprehensive, streamlined care. This innovative approach embodies the efficient use of resources, aligning perfectly with broader goals of measurable impact and sustainability.

Our work with the unhoused, the expanding partnerships in health care, and empowering community responses are prime examples of how funding can catalyze transformative social change. 211 LA’s dedication to enhancing the social determinants of health directly aligns with the current discourse on responsible and impactful stewardship of resources. This report serves as an invitation to current and prospective funders to join a proven, outcome-oriented endeavor. With 211 LA, your support is not merely a contribution—it’s an investment in a vision for a proactive, holistic, and technologically adept service model that promises greater social dividends and a
stronger community. We embrace the future with open arms, secure in the knowledge that our continued collaboration will yield innovative solutions and entrenched support systems for all LA County residents.

Together, we can build on this momentum to advance our shared dedication to uplifting lives and strengthening the social infrastructure of our region.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Maribel Marin,
Executive Director

2023 Annual Report


Lewis Jackson Success Story

For Lewis Jackson, 211 LA is not just an organization for resources. Instead, 211 LA is a place of opportunity and hope. Watch this video and learn more about Mr. Jackson's journey with being connected with 211 LA.

211 LA Data Dashboard

In 2023, 211 LA impacted over 1.3 million Los Angeles County residents through phone, website, email, online chats, community outreach, and text chat. As a result, 211 LA has created a public data dashboard showcasing our community's top service needs through a user-friendly public data dashboard.

This dynamic dashboard is not static; it's regularly updated with the latest data.

Explore the information by hovering over the interactive map and table, or employ filters to refine the report.

For example, click on a top service need, and the dashboard will break down the data by district and zip code, providing a localized view of the impact of 211 LA's services. 


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