LA vs.Hate 

LA vs. Hate is a community-centered program designed to support all residents of Los Angeles County. Led by the Human Relations Commission, LA vs. Hate partners with community partners from all five County districts, representing a diverse coalition of voices committed to ending hate.

The goals of the campaign are as follows:

  • Address the normalization of hate and inspire people to stand up to it

  • Build understanding about what constitutes a hate act and how to report it

  • Support individuals and communities as they heal from the trauma of hate

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Why should I report hate?

Reporting is the first step to stopping the hate. By understanding how and where hate is occurring, our communities can respond with appropriate resources and support, including protecting your civil rights against hate and discrimination, processing trauma, beginning to heal, and doing something to prevent hate from happening to others.

It is essential to report a hate incident, which includes any act of verbal or physical aggression, refusal of service, bullying, or intimidation of any kind motivated by hostile prejudice. We cannot do anything to stop hate crimes and incidents unless we know about them so that victims do not suffer in silence. Ready to submit a report? Click here.

For more information, see the Los Angeles County 2021 Hate Crime Report.

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LA vs. Hate Program Services

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Live Hotline

Report hate, discrimination or bullying and receive referrals to support services by dialing 2-1-1 or live chat. 

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Online Services

Self-serve by searching 211 LA’s resource database for services and reporting hate incidents online. 

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Care Coordination

After filing a report, you can receive follow-up support, referrals and advocacy from Care Coordinators.

LA vs. Hate - Click below to help combat hate acts and bullying by filing a report on hate incidents or hate crimes happening in your community.

Explore Justice

Explore Justice is a video series designed to help us unpack and examine the current and historical perspectives that shape social justice. 

The Explore Justice video series is an opportunity to challenge our own prejudices by educating ourselves on social justice topics and issues that many are still experiencing today. Each category's content is split into sections focused on history, the present, and Los Angeles. Alongside each video are reflection questions, next steps, and resources focused on building resilience.


Ready to learn more about Social Justice?

Social Justice is linked to the idea of fairness and equality in society. This fairness applies to all aspects of individuals' lives, including their basic human rights and needs. Throughout our nation's history, groups of people have been discriminated against based on skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, and religious beliefs.

Explore Justice - Let's get started by understanding what we mean by Social Justice.

Stop the Hate 

Funded by the California Department of Social Services and in collaboration with LA Commission for Human Relations and Helpline Youth Center, the Stop the Hate Program provides support services to victims and survivors of hate incidents and crimes. The program also aims to help communities that have historically been vulnerable and targeted because of their racial, religious, gender/gender expression, sexual orientation, or other identities.

Dream Resource Centers:

The Dream Resource Centers are community and school-based centers where victims of hate and their families can meet with counselors who can provide them with support services.

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* Scan the QR Code above to link to our reporting form. 

Dream Center Locations:


  1. Fedde Middle School in Hawaiian Gardens
  2. Artesia High School in Lakewood
  3. Norwalk High School in Norwalk
  4. Inglewood High School in Inglewood
  5. La Puente High School in La Puente
  6. John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills
  7. Piute Middle School in Lancaster
  8. Morningside High School in Inglewood

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Stop the Hate Program Services

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Navigation, Case management, & Referral:

Identifying relevant resources for survivors of hate incidents and hate crimes and facilitating connection to those services, including assisting with applications and accompanying appointments, interviews, hearings, etc.


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Distribution of information in-person, online, telephone or text communication that may include information about the elements of hate incidents and hate crimes, services for survivors, and the rights of survivors.

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 Developing educational curricula about the elements of hate incidents and hate crimes, services for survivors, and the rights of survivors.

Stop the Hate - Click below to help combat hate acts and bullying by filing a report on hate incidents in your school.

If you live outside of Los Angeles County, you may report a hate incident or crime online by visiting the California Civil Rights Department.

CA vs. Hate 

The CA vs. Hate Resource Line and Network is a community-centered approach to combating hate & earning trust among people targeted for hate. The Network comprises 211 LA, the CA Civil Rights Department, CA 211 Providers Network, and Community-Based Organizations; together, we will help Californians identify options and next steps; connect them with culturally competent resources; improve hate incident and crime reporting, and gather data to enhance hate crimes prevention and response. 

Program Services 

Individuals can submit a hate report form online independently or receive assistance when they call the CA vs. Hate resource line at 833-8-NO-HATE. Californians should expect to receive trauma-informed services when they connect to one of our community resource advisors and or when they request follow-up services to ensure connections to resource referrals are successful.

If you live outside of Los Angeles County and would like to submit a CA vs. Hate online reporting form on the Civil Rights Department Website, click here, or dial 1 (833) 866-4283 (833-8-NO-HATE).

Bystander Hate Incident Intervention PSA

If you see an act of racial harassment, there is something you can do. Safely intervene as a bystander using the 5 D’s: distract, delegate, delay, direct, and document. For more info, watch our PSA featuring the voice of actor Ken Jeong and illustrations by award-winning artist James Yang. Source: Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California (AJSOCAL)

CA vs. Hate -All are welcome to report hate incidents and hate crimes. It will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete this report in its entirety.




By filing a report as a victim, witness, or advocate for a victim of hate crimes, hate acts, or bullying,  you help identify areas needing resources such as education and crime prevention. You also can consent to receive follow-up and additional support with resources in your community.



211 LA shares reports with partner agencies providing hate prevention, advocacy, and counseling services. Agency partners include the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission and the Los Angeles County Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services (WDACS). This report is not shared with law enforcement entities, and you can report anonymously.

*If you would like a hate act/crime investigated, a separate report with law enforcement would need to be filed.  



According to California state law, hate crime charges are filed when there is evidence that bias, hatred, or prejudice based on the victim's real or perceived race/ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation is a substantial factor in the commission of the offense. This definition is codified in the California penal code sections 422.55 to 422.95 pertaining to hate crime.

For more information, see the Los Angeles County 2021 Hate Crime Report.



A hate incident is a non-criminal act that involves bias, hatred, or prejudice based on a victim’s real or perceived race/ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation is a substantial motivating factor.
Some examples of hate incidents include derogatory name-calling, bullying, hate mail, and cross-burning.



Bullying is an act of verbal or physical aggression with an imbalance of power between the perpetrator and the targeted student that is repeated, or has the potential to be replicated, repeatedly.

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