Are Asians Next in Line to be White?

1. Reflection Questions

What is the most surprising piece of information you learned in this video? 

How do movies help to reinforce or challenge what people know and/or believe about Asian Americans in the United States? 

What role has the law played in creating more inclusive or more exclusive definitions of what it means to be white?


2. Take Action

Get Savvy. To take the action needed to challenge cultural stereotypes, change the law and push against unjust systems requires heart, support and practice. One way to find and grow your unique leadership skills is to gather with peers for The California Youth Leadership Summit is an annual online event where you can meet and build relationships with peers from across the state to discuss, strategize and learn about issues that matter deeply to you.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Get Together. Whether you’re learning about this for the first time or you’ve already known about this challenging history, it’s hard to hold it all alone. When big questions or emotions come up, talk about what you’re feeling with friends, family or teachers. It’s important to decompress, ask questions and express your opinions with people you can trust. You can also join community conversations held by the Asian Mental Health Project to talk through what’s going on in your world in an environment of support and understanding. 


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