Are you AAPI or Asian American? It’s Complicated

1. Reflection Questions

What are the benefits of having an umbrella term used for a diverse community? What are the challenges and drawbacks? 

What is something that was shared in this video that you hadn’t considered before? How does learning that change or impact your understanding of identity? 


2. Take Action

Dig Deeper. There are several perspectives in the US history that are not taught about in traditional history classes across the country. In particular, the histories of black, indigenous, and people of color communities are largely underrepresented in history books. That’s why the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition focuses on creating courses that speak to marginalized communities and has advocated for this requirement across all California High Schools for several years. Does your school have an Ethnic Studies program or courses? Follow Ethnic Studies now to find out whether your district has committed to Ethnic Studies and what you can do if they have not.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Ground in Identity. Exploring the diverse aspects of one’s own identity can serve as a powerful foundation to self-awareness and well-being. When you know more about yourself, you can also create unexpected bridges to others around you. Are there any parts of your identity that you’re particularly proud of? What are some aspects of your identity that not many people know about? Write an identity poem to explore parts of yourself that you want to celebrate, question or learn more about. Check out some examples of poems about self and identity from famous poets to get inspired.

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