Cultural Equity in Los Angeles

1. Reflection Questions

What important parts of your cultural identity are reflected in the neighborhood and cities that you live in? 

How has popular media impacted stereotypes that you believe or have heard about Los Angeles as a city or the people who live in Los Angeles? 

2. Take Action

Learn Locally. Organizations throughout Los Angeles have made a commitment to advancing racial justice throughout several aspects of their work. Liberty Hill Foundation is an organization committed to funding those organizations doing work that moves LA and had compiled a list of organizations that have committed to Black Lives. Which of these organizations have you heard of? Which are you interested in getting involved in? Find grassroots, Los Angeles County-based community organizations committed to getting involved in and learn from today. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Expression through Art. Art is a powerful form of self-expression that can help to release pent-up stress, emotions, or energy. It’s also an incredible vehicle for activism and community connection! Self Help Graphics and art is a Boyle Heights-based organization rooted in the community and committed to fostering the creation and advancement of new artworks by Chicana/o and Latinx artists. Find out more about how you can apply for one of their many youth programs here.

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