In Focus: AAPI Neighborhood Tour

1. Reflection Questions

What is something that you learned in this video that you didn’t know about before?

 Why is it important to understand the history of ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles and throughout the United States?


2. Take Action

Dig Deeper.  Several communities throughout Los Angeles have experienced forms of redlining, gentrification and displacement throughout history. The KCET documentary series City Rising, examines several of this issues in Los Angeles and throughout the State of California. Learn more about how social justice issues have shaped and reshaped the places you know by checking out more of their short documentaries here. 


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3. Healing + Resilience

Celebrate yourself. You’re racial or ethnic identity, cultural and religious practices can be a great source of joy and pride for you. Take time to celebrate the parts of your identity that you’re proud of! You can write about the parts of your identity that you’re most proud of using any of these free  journal apps, online diaries and digital scrapbooks.

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