Gentrification and Displacement: Legacy

1. Reflection Questions

How does watching this video impact you?

Do any of the issues raised in this video impact you or someone you know?

Have you witnessed any members of your community fight against gentrification and/or displacement?

2. Take Action

Dig Deeper. Several communities throughout Los Angeles have experienced forms of redlining, gentrification, and displacement throughout history. The KCET documentary series City Rising, examines several of these issues in Los Angeles and throughout the State of California. Learn more about how social justice issues have shaped and reshaped the places you know by checking out more of their short documentaries here.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Get Together. Whether you’re learning about this for the first time or you’ve already known about this challenging history, it’s hard to hold it all alone. When big questions or emotions come up, talk about what you’re feeling with friends, family or teachers. It’s important to decompress, ask questions and express your opinions with people you can trust. 

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