Kids tell the Herstory of Grace Lee Boggs, Detroit Activist

1. Reflection Questions

How did Grace Lee Bogg’s own experience at looking for a job influence her role in the social justice movement? 

Why was it important for Grace Lee Boggs to build relationships with members of the Black community in her neighborhood?


2. Take Action

Organize. Building community with those that are in your neighborhood or that share similar interests and visions to you can be a powerful tool for change and individual growth experience. Southeast Asian Community Alliance (SEACA) is an organization that centers and develops youth leadership and organizing through workshops, retreats and community building. Find out more about the many ways that you can get involved in with SEACA here.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Expression through Art. Art is a powerful form of self-expression that can help to release pent up stress, emotions or energy. It’s also an incredible vehicle for activism and community connection! Student Art Spaces is a youth-led organization that amplifies student voices through art with chapters in major cities across the country. Learn more about the local LA chapter and explore the art exhibits created and led by student art-ivists here.

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