Meet the native Hawaiians fighting U.S. occupation

1. Reflection Questions

How does what you learned in this video challenge, complicate or affirm what you already knew about Hawaii? 

Why do you think it’s important for Native Hawai’ians to reclaim traditionally oppressed cultural traditions and practices? In your opinion, how does the sovereignty movement impact native Hawaiians’ ability to maintain traditional customs and practices?


2. Take Action

Get Informed. While many people are familiar with Hawaii as a vacation spot, fewer are aware of the history and unique struggles that native Hawaiians endure daily. To understand how native Hawaiian youth have been impacted by tourism and COVID-19 travel restrictions, check out this article by Teen Vogue What Native Hawaiians Want You to Know Before a Trip to Hawaii

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3. Healing + Resilience

Get Together. Whether you’re learning about this for the first time or you’ve already known about this challenging history, it’s hard to hold it all alone. When big questions or emotions come up, talk about what you’re feeling with friends, family or teachers. It’s important to decompress, ask questions and express your opinions with people you can trust.

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